This is the web3 future of impact.
A globe with the words "Our mission is to gather, unite and empower an empire of good humans to help ave the f**king world
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We share a vision of a nation without borders, united for a more abundant, equitable and sustainable world.
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Using blockchain technology to build a decentralised, transparent and accountable network where every action and donation can be traced to its impact on people and planet.

Where you, and anyone, can forever see the impact your contributions have made. Where you can truly feel part of the projects you’re helping catalyse. Where the good you do for people and planet is rewarded.

This is the future of impact. Your future.  

We think it could be game-changing.

We think it could spark the world to act.

Welcome to the G Revolution.

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At the heart of this vision is the G DAO.

This is the decentralised, autonomous organisation driving the revolution.

Community-owned and governed, members can propose and vote on which causes and projects we fund and support.

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The $G is the currency of the revolution.

This is #cryptoforgood.

An impact token, the $G can be bought and sold or staked as an impact investment, and a donations tax from every transaction goes into the Impact Slush Fund.

$G holders get access to the inner circles of the G DAO, to help shape a better future.

The world’s first Impact to Earn token.

We’ve created a community pool of Impact to Earn $G, where you can get paid in $G for taking action and donating in challenges in the Good Empire app.

We’re building a global marketplace for ethical and sustainable brands you can only buy from with the $G, through the good you do for people and planet.

So you could pay your renewable energy bill with $G, or buy a limited edition G Revolution x Patagonia T-shirt.

1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
Revolutionising fundraising with AI-powered NFTs.

We’re launching a collection of dynamic G Revolution NFTs that could change the face of fundraising.

Across 17 SDG-aligned themes, each NFT is paired with a specific impact project.

Using generative AI-powered technology, they grow and evolve as you donate through them. The more impact, the bigger and more valuable the NFT.

Created together with brand and venture partners SantosDilone, whose clients include Apple, Nike and Algorand, they can be bought with crypto or credit card, and interacted with via your Good Empire account page.

No crypto required.

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Diagram of Good Empire ecosystem
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Meet our founder.
Founder Andre Eikmeier headshot

Since 2006 I’d been co-founder and CEO of the company I’d built into a $100m wine ecommerce business, Vinomofo. Then in 2018 I left. I left because I started to feel inside me this growing sense of responsibility.

I was growing more and more concerned with the state of the world, people and planet, and I was doing a lot of complaining, and not a lot of helping.

I was privileged. I had developed skills, as a founder, as a CEO. I had experience. Connections. A good reputation. What was I going to do with that? What was going to be my contribution to this world?

I couldn’t just sit by hoping that everyone else would fix it. I had to be able to look my kids in the eye, and say that I did something to at least try to help.

That was the birth of Good Empire. What you’re reading here is the future. I hope you’ll be part of it.

André Eikmeier
Good Empire Founder + CEO

We’ve brought an experienced crypto team together around the project, with a strong track record of startup, growth, impact and web3 success.


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Astro DeFi Avatar
Advisor, Dev
Advisor, Comms
Advisor, Tokenomics
Advisor, Strategy
Founder of Proof, NASDAQ-acquired Zibbet, growth lead at Google
Joan Westenberg PR, Author of
Moonbound Consultiing, Founder of 200M market cap Micropets with 70K holders
Founders AstroDeFi Consulting, early stage DeFi projects


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Core team of several highly successful token projects. Extraterrestrial.
Comms Lead for DeFi-Robot and avid Ecstatic Dancer
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