We’re gathering, uniting and empowering a global community to live more purposeful and connected lives, and help create a more equal, abundant and sustainable world.

Good Empire is a platform for change.

Inspired by and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we collaborate with great hearts and minds to bring to life projects and programs to help people change their lives and change the world for good.

Here are some of our current initiatives…

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Year of the Planet

A 12-month personal sustainability program that has become a global movement of people pledging to make one small change in their lives each month, over the course of a year, to live more sustainably.

Our mission is to gather, unite and empower 1 million people around the world.

Together we could save a billion single-use plastic cups, bottles, bags, straws and containers, destined for landfill and our beautiful oceans.

Together we could reduce our carbon footprint by 5 million tonnes.

One Million Butterflies

The One Million Butterflies project came to life to help people around the world through times of change, and all the fear and uncertainty that comes with it.

We created a 12-week connection, resilience and transformation program to help you find your way through the impact of whatever it is you’re going through, so you can move forwards, and start to live a more connected and purposeful life, a life that brings you joy.

You deserve that. We all do.

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Our Vision

We share a vision for a more equal, abundant and sustainable world, and our mission is to gather, unite and empower a global community to bring this vision to life.

This is our purpose.

To bring to life a better world for all and generations to come...