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Zero Ocean Plastics Challenge

1 summer. 100 teams. 10,000 people. 1 million ocean-bound plastics.

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Save 1 million ocean-bound plastics
Welcome to the Zero Ocean Plastics Challenge!

Our mission is to gather, unite and empower 10,000 people to save 1 million ocean-bound plastics this summer.

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste goes into our oceans, and destroys our ecosystems and decimates our marine life. 

That’s the equivalent of 15 garbage bags full of plastic rubbish piled up on every meter of coastline around the world.

Let’s do something about that. 

This is a simple challenge, but it's a profoundly impactful thing to do. Nothing drives home the truth about single use plastics like having to actually clean the mess up.

On your own, or in a team, get outside and start hunting for ocean-bound plastics.

Beach, lake, park, stormwater drain… hell - go outside now and check the gutter, because whatever you find will probably make its way into our oceans.

Count your haul and log it in the Good Empire app. There's video capture too, so maybe you want to tell us what you found. How does it make you feel? Maybe you could talk us through what’s recyclable and what isn’t.

And then you can share it out through your own socials - challenge your friends to join you; family, work mates - see if you can start your own ripple and inspire others to also take action.

Because if not us, then who? And if not now, then when?


We’re calling on 100 organisations who want to have impact, and want to engage their people, to come and help bring this movement to life with us.

It's a powerful team, culture and community-building experience, it's so easy to do, and the Good Empire app allows you to track, video and share your action and impact with the world.

With one smart link you can invite anyone to join your team - employees, customers, your whole community, you can all be doing it remotely, from anywhere in the world, but feel like you’re all coming together. Doing something real and impactful, together.

Cost is a once-off registration fee of $250 USD.

Will you join this growing cohort of orgs who are gathering, uniting and empowering their employees, customers and community to do their part in helping us save 1 million ocean-bound plastics?


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Are you ready to level up this summer and help save our oceans and marinelife?
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Download the Good Empire app and sign up
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Take action and start having impact!
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Our mission

Gather, unite and empower 100 million people and 100,000 organisations to fund and support 1000 of the most impactful projects across 17 impact goals by 2030.
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Are you a nonprofit or social enterprise with an impact project aligned with one of the SDGs and helping people and planet?

We can help fund and support your project.Right arrow
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered