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One Million Trees Challenge

1000 teams. 1000 trees. It's time to go wild.

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Fund the planting of 1 million trees
Welcome to the One Million Trees Challenge.

This is about more than just making a donation – this is about setting yourself and your team the challenge to go wild. Really connect with nature.

Go for a hike. Or find a park, take your shoes off and meditate. Earth yourself. Recharge. Breathe in that beautiful oxygen. One hour, anywhere with trees. 

And every time you do, capture that moment in the Good Empire app, and then make a small donation, which goes straight to our Impact Partners One Tree Planted to help reforest the world.

The earth’s wilds, our natural habitats, are still declining at an alarming rate. 10 million hectares a year. Emitting nearly 5 billion tonnes of CO2. 

Half the forests that once covered the land are gone, and only 20% are still undisturbed. If we keep going, we won’t have any rainforests by the year 2100. 

That means wildlife extinction on a mass scale, no oxygen, no carbon sequestering, no cooling of climate.

It’s about the most impactful thing we can do for people and planet, is to help reforest the world.

Join the challenge. Set yourself a goal – maybe it’s 100 trees, over 10 actions.  

$10 is all it takes to get 10 trees planted.

And won’t that feel good, to have been part of something so simple and impactful, something good for your mind, good for the soul, and good for the planet?

Let’s do it, together. 1000 teams. One million trees. Let’s go wild.


1000 teams. 1000 trees a team. That’s our mission.

You can register your company as a team, or your team as a team, your school, club, or even invite your friends and family to come together as a team.

Set your own team goal, and go wild.

You can organise team nature walks or hikes, nature meditation sessions, meetings under a tree – feel free to get creative, as long as you go wild. 

As a team, there are three ways you can handle donations, all within the app:

1. Individuals take action and donate

2. Individuals take action, company donates

3. Individuals take action and donate, company matches donations

I’ve started a team. What do you say. You want to help us reach our goal of 1 million trees?


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Are you ready to go wild and help us reach our target of 1 million trees?
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Step 1
Download the Good Empire app and sign up
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Step 3
Take action and start having impact!
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Our mission

Gather, unite and empower 100 million people and 100,000 organisations to fund and support 1000 of the most impactful projects across 17 impact goals by 2030.
No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Gender Equality
Clean Water
Clean Energy
Fair Work
Equality + Opportunity
Sustainable Cities
Responsible Consumption
Climate Action
Clean Oceans
Peace + Justice
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Are you a nonprofit or social enterprise with an impact project aligned with one of the SDGs and helping people and planet?

We can help fund and support your project.Right arrow
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered
1 billion ocean plastics saved
1 billion trees planted
1 million people freed from hunger
1 million women and children empowered