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After dropping out of uni to start a failed family business, an acting career in four out of five of Australia’s worst TV shows, a singing career that never transcended being lead singer in a One Hit Wonders covers band, a theatre company that imploded on its first production, an events company that peaked at the launch of an adult sex toy brand, a film company that saw me nearly plummet to my death from a joy ride helicopter, and a year-long kombi wine adventure around Australia… 

I co-founded online wine startup Vinomofo with my then brother-in-law Justin in 2006 and together we built it into a $100m+ global company. 

In 2018, following an existential crisis driven by concern for the world and an awakening awareness of privilege and responsibility, I founded Good Empire, an impact startup to gather, unite and empower an empire 100 million people and 100,000 organisations for 1000 projects across 17 impact goals aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help save the f**king world.

And that’s what I wake up to.  

Get in touch if you want to learn more about Good Empire, join our community of good humans and organisations, look into booking me to speak at an event, talk to me about mentoring, or just say hi.