Social and environmental activism is being reshaped with the emergence of Web3.

New, gamified impact economies are being built on-chain, with deeper engagement for investors and supporters and co-ownership with causes and projects that could save the world.  

We believe we have the potential to co-create a global impact economy where the good you do for people and planet has currency, has real value in the world.

Welcome to the ⅁ revolution.

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Act to earn

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The good you do for people and planet now has currency.
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⅁ Revolution

This is the future of Impact Investing.
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A nation without borders, and the Council of ⅁ood.
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Phase 1 is the creation of the total supply of 100 million $G, which can be bought on the crypto market like any coin.

Investing and trading in $G in this initial phase generates taxes. These taxes go into:

- A donations wallet - our Impact Slush Fund, to fund impact projects and carbon credits to offset the Proof of Stake emissions;

- And an operations wallet - for the development and marketing of the Good Empire platform and the Impact Economy Alliance, as well as initial $G buybacks.

Phase 2 is the launch of the ⅁ Revolution NFT Collection, and the initiation in earnest of buybacks of $G, via our $G Philanthropy Initiative.

Phase 3 sees the launch of Act to Earn, where users can redeem Impact Points earned for actions and donations through the Good Empire platform, for $G.

Phase 4 is the creation of the Impact Economy Alliance of ethical and sustainable brands that will accept payment for their goods and services in $G.

Phase 5 is the global expansion of the Impact Economy Alliance, beyond the Good Empire platform, donations or actions anywhere that have measurable impact toward the SDGs can earn $G.

And that is how, together, we build the Economy of ⅁ood.
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